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Sports marketing expert Roland Bischof sets new accents for 2022 with consulting on Qatar topics

Veröffentlicht in News | 12. January 2022 | Carsten

Berlin, 12.01.2022

 With his 35 years of experience in the sports business, Roland Bischof is considered one of Germany’s most renowned marketing experts – but what many people don’t know is that he has been to Qatar more than 70 times since 2005 and knows the background, contexts and development of the country even in times before the world looked at the country as a result of hosting the World Cup and says: “If criticism and facts are properly classified, then Qatar might be a great opportunity for all to further, positive developments in the region”.

Therefore, he will set a special consulting focus for 2022 and concentrate his experience and expertise mainly on brands and personalities that need support with regard to the World Cup in Qatar, e.g. in communication or marketing. For this purpose, he will also offer coaching and workshops.

The public image of the desert state in Germany is largely negative and is increasingly becoming a problem for some protagonists. This has recently also been evident for FC Bayern Munich with its own fans. The Qataris are also not entirely innocent of the media coverage, which is unfavourable to them and frequently leads back to only a few sources, with their “media work” and so people often talk and judge about the sheikhs instead of talking with them.

Facts, contexts, and background knowledge are often neglected in an increasingly heated atmosphere, notes Roland Bischof, although they are eminently important and part of the solution. “Be critical but give the reformers time and thus a chance in first place,” says Bischof, “otherwise we only strengthen those in the region who don’t want reforms.”

Bischof, who has also advised numerous football players and top athletes exclusively since the mid-1990s, sees a great need for not only brands to inform themselves about facts and contexts, but also associations, clubs and, finally, the players. “Today, attitude is expected from the mature player, and he is furthermore in the spotlight – thus he has a special responsibility as a role model.”

Bischof is offering a limited number of coaching sessions and workshops at a special price until 31 January 2022. Interested parties can contact


Roland Bischof – presented by gmbh

Roland Bischof is one of the most renowned sports marketing experts in Germany with a focus on sponsorship, marketing, media & brand ambassadors. He has been considered a pioneer in sponsoring since 1986, has experience from almost 100 countries and has held leading positions in over 500 national and international projects with a focus on football or sports. In addition to advising national and international brands and their agencies, he has also worked as a personal manager for famous athletes since 1998 – for footballers of the German national team as well as icons from other sports (e.g. NHL superstar Leon Draisaitl). In more than three decades, he has also built up a trusting and strong international network of experts and decision-makers, especially in the fields of business, sports (with a focus on football) and communication.



Roland Bischof is one of the most renowned experts on the market for sponsoring, marketing and testimonials. As a German entrepreneur, he is also a speaker, author, founder of the Initiative Deutscher Fußball Botschafter (German Football Ambassador Initiative) and Vice President of the FASPO (Association for Sponsoring in Germany, Austria and Switzerland) as well as a member of the jury for the Kulturmarken Award. He started out in 1986 as one of the pioneers in the sponsoring sector and over the past 30 years has managed around 500 national as well as international projects focusing on sport. He is a bestselling author with over 15,000 books sold in the fields of sponsoring and event marketing plus 20 years of national and international speaking experience.


At the start of his self-employment in 1986, sponsoring hardly existed in any noteworthy form. Until the EXPO ´92 in Seville, where he headed the VIP area of the German Pavilion, he concentrated mainly on national sponsoring, marketing and the organisation of sports and music projects. This was followed by several international engagements, which to this day allow him to draw on a wealth of experience from almost a hundred countries.

As CEO of Presented By GmbH, a sports business agency with offices in Berlin and Monaco, he accompanies companies, clubs and investor groups in their search for the right brands and markets. Step by step he also built up an international testimonial pool of celebrities from sports, film, music and art.

He has also been consulting athletes for over twenty years. His first client was the incumbent European football champion Thomas Helmer, who still trusts him today. In addition to numerous football greats, he now also looks after leading athletes of other sports such as the NHL superstar Leon Draisaitl.


Roland Bischof is one of the most renowned speakers in the field of sponsoring and marketing. With his passion for sport, especially football, his personal closeness to sports celebrities and his wide international wealth of experience, he has been inspiring audiences for 20 years. In his keynotes and impulse speeches he combines relevant topics with inspiring entertainment. His authentic, positive and credible mentality takes the audience on a journey into the world of brands, marketing, sports and business.


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